Regency Towers Condominium

Project Description

The Regency Tower is a 28 floor luxury condominium suffering from slow internet speeds (<10Mbps). Currently there is phone line to each living unit but a lack of any Ethernet cabling. The ReadyLinks IP over Twisted Pair product line is an ideal solution for delivering Gigabit Ethernet over the existing phone line. This solution will provide over 100x times the current bandwidth to over 200 living units with low installation costs and minimal service downtime.

Number of Circuits
218 (Living Units)


  • Regency Towers Network Upgrade (Download | PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Regency Towers RFP (Download | PDF)

Regency Contact Information

Title Organization Name Email Phone (mobile) Phone (work)
HOA Contact Sea Breeze Management Alisa Toalson 951-808-3587
Director of Operations CenturyLink Mike Jewell 913-219-8600 702-244-1044

Property Photos

Regency Walk Through Photos


Network Upgrade Overview