El Cortez

El Cortez Hotel and Casino

Project Description

El Cortez has over 250 guest suites with Internet and TV service currently being delivered through Cox. There is phone line and coax cabling to each living unit but a lack of any Ethernet cabling is limiting the bandwidth to each guest. CenturyLink can provide four Gigabit Ethernet ports and high-speed WiFi to each room using the existing cable with the ReadyLinks IPC-844TW. The coax to each TV can also be transformed into two Gigabit Ethernet drops using the ReadyLinks IPC-842C for a total of 2 Gige worth of bandwidth to each room.

El Cortez also has a legacy analog surveillance network that needs to be upgraded to IP. The ReadyLinks IPC-5MD and IPC-5MB can use the existing coax cable to upgrade to a high-definition IP surveillance network.

Number of Circuits
ā‰ˆ252 (Guest Suites)
ā‰ˆ750 (Surveillance Camera Locations)

Property Photos

Hotel Suites


4/17/2019 IP Surveillance Demo Install

1737 / 1769 Mbps to ReadyLinks IPC-4SBNC servicing 4 Cameras and 1 Computer

3/29/2019 In Room Internet Demo Install

1770 / 1666 Mbps Phy Speed to Room 1408


1383 Mbps Total Bandwidth to Room 1408