Frequently Asked Questions

ReadyLinks is a world leader in distributing Ethernet over existing infrastructure. We provide the most cost-effective solution for service providers to deliver Gigabit Ethernet throughout existing buildings without the cost or hassle of pulling new cable. We have saved customers millions of dollars and provided them with full layer 2+ network functionality over both coax and twisted pair. We also provide an instant view into your network's health through ReadyView which gives network administrators the peace of mind they often times don't have when upgrading and maintaining a network.
  • No re-cabling
  • "Better than Fiber"
  • No service interruption
  • Proven applications
Plug-and-Play without Service Downtime
Reliable in High Density Networks
24/7 Service Assurance
ReadyLinks G.hn products provide high-speed connectivity over any wired medium including UTP, phone lines and coax cables. This technology utilizes Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation and near-end cross talk mitigation (NEXT) to avoid interference with legacy wireline systems such as VDSL2 or DSL and achieve up to 2 Gbps bit rate over virtually any cable medium. The cabling flexibility allows service providers to deliver plug-and-play network simplicity across coax, phone line, and unshielded twisted pair (UTP).
G.hn also includes media-specific optimizations such as Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) mechanisms and MIMO support to establish robust, reliable connections even in noisy environments.
Gigabit Speeds over Existing Cable
Minimal Installation Time
24/7 Service Monitoring and Event Alerts
I don't understand ReadyLinks solutions
ReadyLinks provides a vast array of resources and support for educating customers on our solutions. Network diagrams and typical installation examples can be found under the 'Documentation' page. Reading through the FAQs is another quick way to learn valuable information about our solutions. If you have any specific questions contact support@ready-links.com for more information.

I don't have equipment for customer trials
ReadyLinks will provide equipment and personnel to any qualified customers. We provide turn-up and testing services and on-site support to help grow existing programs and win new business.

Customer already has the budget in place to pull new cable
This is an ideal opportunity to present your customer with the ability to save millions of dollars in installation costs. A recent ReadyLinks installation saved the customer over 90% on the budget they had to pull fiber, that's 40+ million dollars in savings which helped purchase five new corporate jets.

Customer wants to recable only once and doesn't want to worry about purchasing equipment
Sell the solution as a managed service where the customer does not need to own the equipment, completely taking the risk of the equipment and the up front capital expense off of their shoulders.
Rewiring is not a future proof solution, over the years cabling standards have transitioned from CAT3, RG-59, mini coax, RG-6, RS-232, CAT5, various iterations of fiber, and will continue to change over the coming years. ReadyLinks provides the only solution that works over any of these cables and will continue to provide industry leading future-proof services.

Customer wants to install Fiber
This solution is incredibly costly to install and maintain. Based on data gathered over the past 5 years the ReadyLinks Gigabit IP over copper solution has proven to be more reliable than fiber and customers have reported that they prefer the ReadyLinks copper solution because it is more robust and durable.
ReadyLinks G.hn products feature symmetrical upstream and downstream data rates and dynamic bandwidth allocation to provide the ideal bandwidth to each customer based on their individual needs. G.hn is also compatible with single (SISO) or multi-pair (MIMO) twisted pair and utilizes near-end cross talk mitigation to deliver reliable service even through dense networks. It also runs 7 native QoS levels whereas G.Fast has no support for QoS at all.
G.hn uses 4096 OFDM subcarriers in coax and can shift the spectrum up into frequencies that don't interfere with baseband and other RF segments. ReadyLinks Wave 2 G.hn coax products can support up to 16 clients on one node. G.fast currently does not support point to multi-point network configurations over coax.
These features make ReadyLinks G.hn products the ideal solution for delivering Ethernet over both twisted pair and coax networks.
G.hn provides a robust, reliable IP service pipe over both twisted pair and coax. It delivers up to 1.8Gbps phy speeds over virtually any copper medium. MoCA can only deliver Ethernet over coax and is unable to operate over phone line or unshielded twisted pair.

ReadyLinks Wave 2 G.hn products provide a universal solution for delivering Gigabit Ethernet over any existing cabling infrastructure.
G.hn provides symmetric upstream and downstream data rates and utilizes dynamic bandwidth allocation to deliver the ideal bandwidth to each customer on the network. G.hn offers over 1.5Gbps real-world data throughput rate whereas DOCSIS 3.0 tops out at 1.2Gbps real-world downstream and upstream capacity is capped at 200 Mbps.

ReadyLinks Wave 2 G.hn products provide the upstream and downstream bandwidth that customers require without the massive capital investment required to install a DOCSIS headend.
ReadyLinks products can scale from single point-to-point applications all the way to high-rises and large MDUs. Currently there are ReadyLinks products deployed in hotels, hospitals, casinos, and houses all over the world.
ReadyLinks is ideal for retrofitting existing buildings with world-class, high-speed IP networking equipment. Any building with existing coax or twisted pair cabling is eligible for this easy Plug-and-Play IP service delivery solution.

ReadyLinks Deployments
Palms Las Vegas, NV
Palace Station Las Vegas, NV
ReadyLinks provides the industry leading solution for delivering the highest bandwidth over the longest distances of phoneline or coax. Even if the application does not require 1.3 kilometers of reach, it’s important to take into account the effect of splitters, bad connections, deteriorated coax cables and ingress noise. Having very long reach provides margin against these negative effects and reduces truck rolls.
ReadyLinks products support frequency notching so it is possible to notch out the specific portion of the band that other equipment is operating in.
Current G.hn protocol is simplex. All current ReadyLinks G.hn products provide phy rates in excess of 1.8Gbps. This size pipe, coupled with unidirectional throughput burst functionality, fully supports the Gigabit interface similar to duplex.
  • No more than 40db of attenuation between nodes at 5-200Mhz
  • No more than 16 clients on one master node.
  • Custom notch filtering between 5-200Mhz available for compatibility with different devices. For example, security cameras.
  • Compatible with standard CATV cabling and splitters (RG6, RG59, etc...)
  • Compatible with standard RF CATV overlay
The IPC-2TC can be powered by any GL-24x headend over either coax or twisted pair G.hn. Below are the distance specifications for the GL-24x PoX.  
For both scenarios you are going to want to operate with no more than 40db of loss in the 5-200Mhz range. Coax can actually operate at 40db of loss but for practical purposes try to operate below 40db. For coax this is typically 3,190 ft (RG-59) and 4,000 ft (RG-6). For twisted pair this is typically 2,500 ft.
Phy Speeds over 800ft of Twisted Pair and Coax Cabling
The ReadyLinks Twisted Pair product line is compatible with any single or multi-pair twisted pair cabling. Some common cable types include:
  • Single pair to CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, & CAT7
  • Nano-skew
  • Belden twisted pair - Audio, Control and Instrumentation cable
  • Crestron Cresnet
Belden Twisted Pair and CAT5 Deployment
The ReadyLinks Coax product line is compatible with all common coax cabling. Some standard cable types include:
  • RG58, RG59, RG6
  • Mini-coax
RG59 Coax Deployment
  • Two 10Gbps SFP+
  • Two 1Gbps RJ45 uplink ports.
All ReadyLinks GL-x products support a management VLAN along with 802.1Q VLAN and VLAN trunking. Each GL-x device also supports 256 VLAN groups.
In high density twisted pair cabling environments it is recommended that mini coax sync cables are used to interconnect ReadyLinks headend units. These sync ports are used by the headend units to establish domain master transmission timing which helps provide a reliable connection even in noisy environments.
When installing 2 or more ReadyLinks headend units you should set the Sync switch on one of the headend units in the rack to 'master' and the rest to 'client'. Then cascade each headend unit using the provided sync cable in the proper 'in' and 'out' sync ports.
The phy speeds for ReadyLinks Wave 2 G.hn products are typically in the range of 1700-1800Mbps when cabling conditions are okay. When cabling conditions aren't ideally, the phy rates may be slightly reduced in order for the ReadyLinks products to still establish a connection.  
Wave 1 G.hn products operate in the 5-100Mhz range.
Wave 2 G.hn products operate in the 5-200Mhz range.
Frequency notching and spectrum filtering are available in both Wave 1 and Wave 2 products. Below are examples of the default frequency spectrum vs. a notched spectrum.
Yes, IGMP snooping v2 and v3 with fast leave is supported on all ReadyLinks GL-x products.
Yes, all GL-x units support ssh, telnet, and GUI.  ReadyView NMS also monitors via SNMP attributes.
ReadyView Node View
Product GUI View
Yes, we work with them to ensure our products seamlessly integrate together in a variety of applications. ReadyLinks is also apart of Crestron's Company Partnership Program.
Aside from configuring the equipment through the CLI or GUI ReadyLinks also provides a G.hn configuration tool. Available to download at the Downloads page under the 'Software' tab.
ReadyLinks products support all ReadyLinks manufactured SFPs as well as most industry standard SFPs.
  • GL-8xC, GL-8xT : 100-240VAC, <40W (Redundant power supplies)
  • GL-4xCH, GL-4xTH : 90-240VAC or 100-260VDC, <15W
  • GL-2xMT : 100-240VAC <20W (Source up to PoE+ 150W)
  • IPC-842C and IPC-842T : DC 12V/1A, <3W
  • IPC-4STP and IPC-4SBNC : 15-48VDC or 15-32VAC, <3W (Source up to PoE+ 30W)
  • IPC-1840C and IPC-1840T : 110-240VAC, <40W
  • IPC-841C and IPC-841T : 5VDC, <3W
All ReadyLinks products are covered by a standard 3 year warranty.
Any general questions can be sent in to support@ready-links.com. For urgent issues you can call technical support at 1-612-562-6026.