Customer Documentation


GL-24x Series Headends (Download | PDF)
  • Products: GL-24xT, GL-24xC. GL-24xB, GL-24xE
  • Applications : High-Speed Internet Access, IP Surveillance, WiFi, IPTv, VoIP
GL-8x Series (Download | PDF)
  • Products : GL-8xT, GL-8xC, GL-8xB
  • Applications : High-Speed Internet Access, IP Surveillance, WiFi, IPTv, VoIP
GL-4xCH and GL-4xTH Data Sheet (Download | PDF)
  • Products: GL-4xCH, GL-4xTH
  • Application : Fiber to the Curb
IPC-2TC Client Data Sheet (Download | PDF)
    • 2 PoE++ Ports
    • Power over Twisted Pair or Coax
    • F Connector / RJ45 Combo Port
IPC-842T and IPC-842C Clients Data Sheet (Download | PDF)
    • Two 1Gbps Ethernet Ports
Clients Data Sheet (Download | PDF)
  • Products : IPC-4STP, IPC-4SBNC, IPC-842T, IPC-842C, IPC-844TW, IPC-844CW, GL-2xMT
  • Applications : High-Speed Internet Access, IP Surveillance, WiFi, IPTv, VoIP
IPC-5MD IP Dome Camera (Download | PDF)
  • 5MP IP Dome Camera
IPC-5MB IP Bullet Camera (Download | PDF)
  • 5MP IP Bullet Camera
IPC-2MD IP Dome Camera (Download | PDF)
  • 2MP IP Dome Camera
IPC-2MB IP Bullet Camera (Download | PDF)
  • 2MP IP Bullet Camera
ReadyView Data Sheet (Download | PDF)
  • Product: ReadyView
  • Application: Network monitoring and management software
ReadyLinks Solutions Portfolio (Download | PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Summary of all ReadyLinks products and solutions
  • Gigabit over Coax and/or Twisted Pair for
    • High-Speed Internet Access
    • IPTv
    • IP Surveillance
    • Fiber to the Curb (FTTC)
Multi-Dwelling Unit Smart Rooms (MDUs) (Download | PDF)
  • Scales from duplexes to high-rises and garden style campuses
  • Utilize all existing cable for Plug-and-Play service
  • Lowest Cost, Greatest ROI
MTU/SFU and Fiber near the Building (Download | PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Example Deployments (Forum Shops and Fashion Show Mall)
  • Utilize existing copper and fiber between telco closets
  • Extend fiber speeds to every customer suite
  • Use Fiber near the Building to deliver High-Speed internet into the premise
Business Services (Download | PDF)
  • Obtain new Business Service revenue streams
  • Utilize existing phone line or coax to deliver Gigabit Ethernet service and VoIP
High Density Copper Networks (Download | PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Easily scale to 1,000+ end customers
  • Gigabit Ethernet over CAT3 25/50/100 pair cabling
  • Reliable, robust service
Residential (Download | PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Superior Residential Gigabit service over existing copper or coax
  • Extend Fiber speeds into any home
GL-x User Manual V1.3 (Download | PDF)
  • Products: GL-8xT, GL-8xC, GL-8xMTv2, GL-4xTH, GL-4xCH
RLI GL-2xMT and GL-8xMT Switch CLI Manual V1.0 (Download | PDF)
  • Products : GL-8xMT, GL-2xMT
IPC-1840 Coax Switch User Guide V4.3 (Download | PDF)
  • Products : IPC-1840C, IPC-1840T
IPC-842C Quick Start Guide (Download | PDF)
  • Products: IPC-842C
Training Presentations
The Basics (Download | Presentation)
  • ReadyLinks system overview
Product Installation (Download | Presentation)
  • Product installation procedures
Product Configuration (Download | Presentation)
  • Login and configure the products
ReadyView (Download | Presentation)
  • Manage and monitor any ReadyLinks network
Installation Guides
ReadyLinks Headend Installation Instructions (Download | PDF)
  • Best practices for installing ReadyLinks headends
Cabling Instructions (Download | PDF)
  • SISO vs. MIMO Throughput vs. Distance (Download | PDF)
  • Industry Leading Bandwidth
  • Longest Reach












IPC-844CW and IPC-844TW